The journey of venturing out and becoming a multi-planetary species has always attracted an eclectic mix of pioneers. From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, space itself has been the next frontier for private-public innovation. A new wave of pioneers and entrepreneurs is starting to tackle the problem of crossing the planetary frontier, working with long established governmental organizations.

One of the pioneers involved in private space financing is Adeo Ressi. Some of you may know him as Elon Musk’s close friend, who was with him musing with Jim Cantrell about sending plants or rodents to Mars, a grouping that sparked Elon’s desire to start SpaceX.

Adeo is the founder of Founder Institute, an initiative that seeks to unlock entrepreneurs no matter what their background is. They operate around the world and deal with a diverse set of emerging-tech industries.

The Founder Institute help founders focus down on the problem they’re working on with a 3 and a half month accelerator program. The program is global and is meant to cultivate startup ecosystems wherever it goes.